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Eglinton, like Toronto, is a place made up of diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods, businesses and people. It is a destination within the city, ripe for exploration. Each community offers a unique shopping experience and has something for everyone. To complement this varied corridor, we have selected a diverse range of artists to showcase their artwork along Eglinton in this year’s “Gallery City." Like the diverse business communities, each of the artists’ galleries will also be unlike any other and appease the tastes of all Torontonians.


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Gallery City is a joint initiative of Metrolinx, Crosslinx Transit Solutions – Constructors (CTSC), the seven Eglinton Business improvement areas, and Eglinton businesses between Weston Road and Laird. To secure the art for the initiative, Gallery City has partnered with all the local non-profit arts organizations along Eglinton Avenue, including Urban Arts, NIA Centre for the Arts, Art Starts and the Artbarn School.

The original Gallery City concept was conceived in partnership between the York-Eglinton BIA and Hogtown Mascots, under the artistic direction of John Kernaghan, in 2013. It ran for approximately three months in the Oakwood and Eglinton community.

This year, Gallery City will bring together local businesses, property owners and local artists from across Eglinton. The six designated art crawls will help create Eglinton as a destination for Torontonians and tourists and invite new foot traffic along the corridor.

Crosstown Art Crawl Map

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Last year (2017), our artist roster included artists living and hailing from neighbourhoods across Eglinton Ave.  The art speaks to their diverse experiences and backgrounds, and their strong connection to their communities. Come to Eglinton Avenue this summer and discover their art, and find your own inspiration.


Pamela Ozery - 2
Pamela Ozery

Abstract Expressionism

Pamela Ozery was born in Kent England on July 31st, 1942. She was a wife, mother, nurse and an inspiring painter. Toronto became Pam’s final home after residing for many years in England and Israel. Painting was an inseparable part of Pam’s life from a very early age. A nurturing heart fostered her ability to connect with every brushstroke, to express her creative energy. “Her hands were slender and skeletal, but the energy flowed warm and powerful through them. Her paintings were the product of this flow” – Alon Ozery.

Pam grew from a young talented painter to a mature and refined painter, where her works emulated abstraction. Emotion fuelled motivation to continue painting and her peers respected the unique and abstract qualities demonstrated on each of her artworks. Pam leaves behind a legacy of inspiration and passion for the arts through her artwork, family, and friends who knew her to be an accomplished artist.

York Memorial C.I.
York Memorial C.I. Artists

Artists from the York Memorial arts program include Opola Karim, Tina Nguyen, Michelle Ong, Aaisha Gulma, and Ashley Afful.

York Memorial is a secondary school located at Keele Street and Eglinton Avenue. The York Memorial arts program focuses on visual artists and offers them classes, guidance and external opportunities to develop their artistic expression.


Camille Lauren - Starstruck II
Camille Lauren


An Artivist and an Artrepreneur. She is drawn in deeply to the storyscapes found in music, within a conversation, and by looking into someone's eyes. She believes in the power of self-representation, and that it is necessary to be bold and brave as we share our narratives.

Her vision is to passionately bring art to the people of the world in unexpected ways and inspire them to see that everyone can be a work of art. The aim is to spark conversations across cultures using the uniting language of colour. She hopes to empower others to use their voice and express themselves with their innate creativity.

Her “niche” is storytelling with acrylic paint and mixed media.

Bonnie Pullan - Reflections
Bonnie Pullan


Bonnie Pullan has always had a fascination with art and its many forms but it wasn’t until recently that she seriously delved into painting. Working with acrylics and mixed media, the use of colour, texture and movement are paramount in Bonnie’s abstract pieces.  Although she aims for a simple and calming piece of art her enthusiasm sometimes takes her beyond and results in a bold and energetic painting.     Bonnie’s work has been displayed at The Mad Bean Coffee House, model homes, The Wychwood Community Gallery, The Joseph D. Carrier Gallery and The Papermill Gallery, as well as private collections in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary & Miami.

Shirley Mpagi - The Prayer
Shirley Mpagi


Shirley Mpagi is a visual artist, working primarily with Print Media, Pyrography, while often dabbling in Collaging, Photography, and Painting. She is an Artist Educator, mentor, and friend working with a variety of children, youth, and adults for close to 15 years. As a practising artist, her work has been recognized and award by the City of Mississauga, as well as, art galleries and academic faculty, and has been featured in various publications. Shirley continues to produce and showcase her work across the GTA and has even had her work shown abroad, in Europe, and Trinidad.

Quentin VerCetty - Tshimwana Mask
Quentin VerCetty

Contemporary Griot

Quentin VerCetty is an award-wining contemporary griot (storyteller) new media artist and art educator who knows no boundaries when it comes to his artistic expression. His work includes holographic projections, digital printed sculptural work, painting, illustration, mural works, photography, graphic design, spoken word poetry and West African Drumming and he is still learning other creative outlets to express his ideas and feelings.

Recently obtaining his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art Design University, his current body of work is around the motif of artivism and using futuristic lens and science fiction narratives to address issues of representation, youth generation inclusion, immigration, mobility and alienation and numerous other social justice issues.


Alexandra Iorgu - Hope
Alexandra Iorgu


Alexandra Iorgu was born and educated as a fine artist in Valcea, Romania. Her early artistic training included drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpting and art history. Alexandra has shown her work in numerous group sows and participated in international art and exchange programs.

In 2000 she moved to Toronto, Canada where she completed her Bachelor of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Her work is heavily influenced by her cultural background, and travels throughout Europe. Alexandra brings a sense of clarity and truth to her work. It is both expressive and colourful.

Jacqueline Comrie Garrido - Awake
Jacqueline Comrie Garrido


Jacqueline Comrie Garrido is a Panamanian fine artist, whose vibrant body of work has been transforming dull indoor and outdoor spaces for communities in Canada and abroad.

As paintings, prints or large scale murals, Jacquie uses colour and movement as primary elements to depict the dynamic, inevitable natural process of all beings: alchemy and transformation.

Dedicated to the belief that art ignites change, and in today's overwhelming state of the world, her mission is not only to strengthen communities through art, but to create positive, inclusive spaces in service of social healing, mental health and wellness.


Catherine Shea - Chaos Theory
Catherine Shea

Abstract Expressionism

As a self-taught abstract expressionist artist for over 30 years, Catherine Shea is known for a love of colour. She works as a teacher at the Artbarn School.

Joan McGivney


Toronto native, Joan has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Toronto and taught High School Visual Arts for many years. She has devoted herself to painting mainly in oils, since 2004. Her realistic works include both nature and the human form. She has been in several group shows and has joined  and exhibited with : The Bayview  Art Tour, The  North Toronto Group of Artists ,The Scarborough Arts Guild., The North York Visual  Artists ,The Queen West Art Crawl., and The Artbarn. Currently, she is Past President of the North York Visual Artists and an Executive Director for the North Toronto Group of Artists, and the Bayview Art Tour.

Joan is also available to teach workshops for arts groups as well as privately. She teaches at the Artbarn and Artist’s Garden Cooperative. Her work is in many private collections.


Tiffany Villahermosa - Serenity Begins
Tiffany Joy Villahermosa

Abstract Calligraphic Art

Villahermosa’s creations have graced various exhibitions, and fundraising events, throughout North and Central America, such as Toronto, Canada, New York, United States of America and Santa Fe, Argentina. She also devotes herself to making a difference in the lives of others as a community arts educator, within high priority neighbourhoods with VIBE Arts (formerly known as (AFCY), including programs in the Weston-Mount Dennis. In addition, she dedicates her talents supporting a variety of community, visual arts outreach projects.


Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos - UNDERWATER BUBBLES 2 (TURQUOISE)
Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos


Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos studied at the University of Toronto, receiving a B.A. in fine art and art history, and graduated in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) (1995-1993). 

Most of her work explores the accidental and imperfect, and all of her series share an intense love of colour. She uses a variety of different cameras and techniques to create her images, including toy cameras – Lomo, Holga – and a digital SLR.

Her work is available for sale at Canvas Gallery  in Toronto, and on the internet through Zatista

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Thank you to our 2018 partner organizations FOR PARTICIPATING in the selection of artists.

Artbarn School

Artbarn School is located in midtown Toronto, along the Eglinton Way (Eglinton Avenue West at Oriole Park). For over 12 years, they have been offering art classes for adults and for children as young as one year old. In 2005, Mary Thelander, Frith Bail and Linda McMaster envisioned a welcoming not-for-profit community art school. Since then, under Linda’s leadership, Artbarn has inspired hundreds of budding artists of all ages. Artbarn’s classes are open to people at every stage of development – from the terrified beginner to the hobbyist looking to take their skill further.

Art Starts

In 1992, four socially conscious artists came together in Toronto’s Oakwood-Eglinton area. They wanted a place to make art – a place they could see and be seen, and make art with everyone. 25 years later, Art Starts has become a catalyst and a proven model for arts-based community development in Toronto. Art Starts now works in 5 under-resourced neighbourhoods across Toronto, but is still active as ever in the Eglinton and Oakwood area.

Scarborough Arts

Scarborough Arts (SA) is an evolving non-profit, the only arts organization of its kind specifically serving the Scarborough community. Founded in 1978, SA was established to promote artists and artistic growth in the community. Over time our organization has expanded its mission to also include community programming (children, youth, seniors programs). Since 1992 we have been located at a city-owned property on the Scarborough Bluffs, which hosts office and gallery space for Exhibits. As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we will continue to bring individuals and groups together to create and cultivate innovative arts and cultural programs in Scarborough.


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Crosstown Community Office (east)
Serving residents, businesses, and community groups from Yonge Street to Kennedy Road.

660 Eglinton Avenue East (in the Sunnybrook Plaza at Bayview Avenue)
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Telephone service available 24/7: 416-482-7411

Crosstown Community Office (west)
Serving residents, businesses, and community groups from Yonge Street to Weston Road.

1848 Eglinton Avenue West (at Dufferin Street)
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Telephone service available 24/7: 416-782-8118


Vicky Beach
Access and Business Continuity Manager
Crosslinx Transit Solutions - Constructors

For artist-related inquiries:

Patience Adamu
Lead, Community Investments & Programs
Crosslinx Transit Solutions - Constructors